Plans and pricing

We brought together 5 professional soccer tipsters to help you find the one suitable for you! And you are now free to choose a package depending on your favourite tipster and your betting bankroll! Just submit your payment below to gain access to our winning tips.

Markos Gyorgios (Greece)

Born and raised in Greece, Markos is one of the most talented tipsters we have ever seen. He has an impressive knowledge of different leagues worldwide, and he's an expert when it comes to low-risk tips. Markos is the best option for players who are beginners and who are starting with a smaller bankroll.

500 euros / 1 month

Rafael Peroza (Spain)

Our tipster Rafael represents his beautiful country Spain. He's our top guy when it comes to the so-called Premium Leagues - the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga, the Italian Serie A, the German Bundesliga, the French Ligue 1, and so on. We chose Rafael when we had the chance to test more than one hundred different tipsters from this region. He was arguably the best, thanks to his experience and skills.

800 euros / 1 month

Henry Gerhard (Germany)

Born in Germany, Henry managed to build a flawless reputation as one of the world's best tipsters right now. For years he's recognizable as a real expert who is focusing mainly on high-stakes tips. If you're among the big players with huge bankrolls, make no mistake here - Henry is your man!

750 euros / 3 HIGH STAKE BETS

David Thomas (France)

When to talk about David, we talk about one of the best tipsters from France we have ever seen. David is a former sports journalist, which is the primary reason why he has such a vast knowledge of football. He's a dedicated specialist when it comes to big stakes, which is why most of our big clients prefer to work with him.

500 euros / 2 HIGH STAKE BETS

Mark Seaman (England)

Well-mannered as a true Englishman, Mark Seaman treats his clients with great respect and attention to detail. Mark is extremely proud of his high winning percentage when it comes to his tips. Buying his tips would be one of the best financial investments you can make right now.

999 euros / 3 HIGH STAKE BETS